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PROJECT:  Emergency Operations Center

The project consisted of the commissioning of HVAC equipment, domestic water system, and lighting controls for a two story, office building remodel with approximately 23,000sf.  This building housed the IT operations for the facility and consisted of server rooms private offices, open office space, conference rooms, break room, and other support areas. InSite Group was responsible for the Enhanced Commissioning providing design document review, submittal review, and the commissioning of HVAC systems in accordance with LEED Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1 and Credit 3.


Building systems were all controlled through automatic temperature controls and consisted of a condenser water loop utilizing closed-circuit cooling towers, pumps, distribution piping, and control valves.  The air side utilized variable air volume vertical self-contained air handling units serving variable air volume boxes having electric reheat on the first and second floors.  The server room was conditioned by water cooled DX in-row CRAC units. 


During construction the pre-functional and functional testing were completed working side-by-side with contractor(s).  The testing included point-to-point verification of each device, device functional testing, system testing and verification, airflow balance, complete step-by-step walk through verification and challenge to all system software including alarms, loop tuning, set point adjustments and control sequences.  The project also included a return commissioning visit to discuss system operation with the Owner and assembling a systems manual.

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