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PROJECT:  UMKC Performing Arts Center
LOCATION:  Kansas City, MO

This project included retro-commissioning of the Performing Arts Center on the campus of the University of Missouri – Kansas City.  The performing arts center is a five story building comprised of a multi-story auditorium, multi-story recital hall, music classrooms, music practice rooms, dance studios, administration offices, and a scene shop.


The systems commissioned include the following:


  • eighteen indoor air handling units (six variable air volume units, seven constant volume units, and five multi-zone units)

  • eight-seven cooling only VAV boxes

  • nineteen VAV boxes with hot water finned-tube re-heat

  • thirty-three stand-alone finned-tube radiators

  • all air handling units include chilled water coils, heating hot water coils, and economizer modes 

  • building control utilizes a Direct Digital Control (DDC) System.  The lighting control system was also part of the commissioning process. 

  • new occupancy sensors were installed and commissioned for lighting control and set-back of the zone temperature setpoints when the space is unoccupied


During retro-commissioning, functional tests were completed on all equipment including point-to-point verification of each device and a step-by-step walk through verification and challenge to all system software including setpoint adjustments and control sequences.

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