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PROJECT:  Blow Mold
LOCATION:  American Canyon, California

Project manager and prime consultant for the design of the facility modifications to accommodate 2 new PET bottle blow molding machines for a beverage manufacturer.  Design build project included a wide variety of utility systems and extensive coordination between all parties.  Mechanical design portions of the project included:

  • new 100 ton water cooled air handling unit to cool new air compressor room

  • roof mounted supply and exhaust fans for ventilation during blow mold operation

  • 3 DX split systems for offices and conference room

  • electric unit heaters for the PET preform storage area


Electrical design portions of the project included:

  • new electrical service

  • 480 volt and 120/208 volt panelboards to power mechanical and plumbing equipment, and lighting upgrades. 


Plumbing design portions of the project included:

  • new waste and vent piping

  • 2 sewage ejection pumps for various process waste

  • domestic cold water piping

  • compressed air piping for various process equipment

  • upgrades to the main building sewage pump.

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