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PROJECT:  Portland VA Medical Center Prosthetics Suite 
LOCATION:  Portland, OR

The VA renovated their Portland Medical Center Prosthetics Suite with the following updates:


  • Workshop improvements that reduced noise and dust to improve comfort for staff and patients including a new dust collection system, make-up air system, and dust filtration system.

  • Improved workstations for staff, including reception and the purchasing department with new lighting and phone and data modifications.

  • Waiting area enhancements designed to welcome and comfort those who receive care at the Prosthetics Suite

  • Improvements to on-site storage for orthotic goods and hazardous materials.

  • Increased efficiency of space, meeting staff needs and patient privacy and dignity.


The Prosthetics Suite is an especially critical part of the Portland VA Medical Center’s services.  It sees a large volume of patients every week, each of whom requires special care.

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