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PROJECT:  Crossroads Correctional Facility
LOCATION:  Cameron, MO

The Project consisted of the replacement of three existing cooling tower cells with three new cooling tower cells including the modification of existing cooling tower supply and cooling tower return water piping, valves, etc. and the addition of a new equalizing line below the cooling towers.  The new cooling tower cells will be equipped with a factory provided basin sweeping piping system.  A new pre-engineered skid mounted separation package will be installed on the interior of the building and new piping will be routed from the skid mounted pump to the new cooling tower basin sweeping piping system.


The project will also include the modification of the existing electrical feeders to the cooling towers including the removal of the existing cooling tower disconnect switches and re-routing of existing conduits and new conductors to the new location of the new cooling tower disconnect switches provided by cooling tower manufacturer.  A new circuit breaker will be installed into existing electrical distribution and a new electrical feeder will be provided to serve the new separation package.  New control wiring and conduit will be provided from the new cooling tower disconnect switches to the existing VFD safety circuits.

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