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PROJECT:  Building P EAST Building Addition
LOCATION:  Kansas City, MO

This project included engineering design and construction services for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and control systems for a 3,700sf building addition with approximately 2,700sf for 5°C high bay cold storage.

The project included:


  • new 5000cfm roof mounted air handling unit to serve the area surrounding the new 5ºC cooler

  • new 2N redundant roof mounted air-cooled condensing units with indoor mounted evaporators were designed to serve the new 5ºC cooler along with an alternating lead/lag control system

  • redundant dehumidifiers were designed for the 5ºC cooler to maintain desired humidity requirements 

  • electrical service and distribution systems were modified to meet the new equipment demand as well as the new lighting, security and fire alarm systems 

  • new fire service was designed for the new building addition including backflow preventer, fire department connection, piping and sprinkler heads

  • dry pendant sprinkler heads were utilized for the 5ºC cooler area

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