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PROJECT:  WDC Electrical Upgs
LOCATION:  United States

The following is a list of items that were integrated into this project that contributed to obtaining those goals.


  • Designed (2) new 15kV, 1,200 Amp Main Utility Switches and meters for connection to electric utility grid.

  • Designed (2) new 15kV, 1,200 Amp Utility Switchgear Lineups with automated open/closed transition between generator and utility sources, optional manual operation, load shed controls and automatic breaker transfer control.

  • Designed (2) new 15kV, 1,200 Amp Generator Paralleling Switchgear Lineups with generator paralleling functions, optional manual operation, and automatic breaker transfer control.

  • Designed the installation and integration of (6) 3125kVA/2500kW, 15kV generator sets with redundant starting battery system with dual battery chargers, critical grade exhaust system, engine mounted radiator system, and 400 Amp, 18-ohm neutral grounding resistors.  Design included all associated intake air and exhaust air louvers.

  • Designed two new 3,750kW resistive load banks for load bank testing 15kV GPS gear and existing 480V UPS Systems.  Distribution system is provided with (2) 3750kVA Transformers and a global wrap that allows for utilizing load bank busway as an emergency feed from the GPS board to any of (6) 480V Main Services.

  • Designed modification of (5) existing 2500kVA, 15kV transformers and associated 4,000 Amp, 480V Main Service Switchgear Lineups to remove existing 480V transfer scheme, provide connection to global wrap, and provide redundant power paths to UPS Systems.

  • Designed (1) new 2500kVA, 15kV transformer and (1) new 4,000 Amp, 480V Main Service Switchgear and new electrical feeders to re-serve existing UPS Systems to allow for diverse 2N electrical distribution.

  • Designed 2N redundant substations consisting of (2) 15kV disconnects, (2) 750kVA Transformers, and (2) 800A 480V distribution switchboards to serve all HVAC, Fuel Oil System, and miscellaneous loads located in the new Generator Building.

  • Designed 2N redundant UPS Distribution consisting of (4) 2000A UPS Switchboards and fourteen 800A UPS distribution boards.

  • Designed multiple levels of ground fault protection.

  • Designed phased demolition of the existing utility services, UPS systems, transfer switches, and generator paralleling switchgear.

  • Grounding and bonding design.

  • Completed coordination study and fault current analysis.

  • Designed lighting, convenience power, and low voltage distribution power including multiple small UPS and Non-UPS power panels, transformers, and associated feeder circuits.

  • Designed Lightning Protection systems for new Generator Building.

  • Designed Fire Alarm and Fire Protection systems for new Generator Building.

  • Designed redundant 45 Ton, 20HP chilled water air handling units, zone air terminal units, overhead metal ductwork air distribution, and associated DDC controls system.

  • Designed redundant generator room ventilation systems including intakea nd exhaust air louvers, (4) 15,000 CFM variable speed exhaust fans, and associated DDC controls system.

  • Designed approximately 300kW of electric heat across new Generator Building including interlocking with cooling systems and DDC controls system.

  • Designed new 2N redundant fuel oil storage, filtration, and distribution system including (2) 10,000 gallon fill tanks, (2) 20,000 gallon storage tanks, (2) fuel filtration systems, (2) duplex transfer pump skids, (6) 500 gallon generator day tanks, (6) fuel oil day tank return pumps, valves, piping, and associated liquid level and PLC controls systems.

  • Designed tempered water heating and distribution system serving (2) new emergency shower / eye wash stations located in each of the new generator rooms.  System included water heater, storage tank, recirculation pump, and associated valves and piping.

  • Designed storm water and sanitary waste systems including roof drains, floor drains, floor sinks, trench drains, and an oil separator system.

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