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PROJECT:  STS Electrical Upgs
LOCATION:  Kansas City, MO
  • Designed and phased new branch circuits from existing PDU’s to balance the existing critical load and allow for each existing PDU power panel to have sufficient space to accept the installation of two 100A/3P temporary feeders from a temporary PDU.

  • Designed and phased new temporary feeders to back-feed each existing PDU power panel from an alternate source to eliminate downtime.

  • Designed and phased thirty new automatic static transfer switches for installation upstream of each existing PDU’s on the raised access floor.

  • Designed new primary feeders to four temporary PDU’s.

  • Designed and phased demolition of existing permissive signal from existing UPS System that allowed for manual closed transition on existing PDU’s.

  • Designed new controls infrastructure to monitor new automatic static transfer switches.

  • Grounding and bonding design.

  • Completed coordination study of new PDU Input Circuit Breakers.

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